Random Amusings

Just some whimsical amusing developments/things I wanted to share:


1. Puttin’ the HOT in pot. I had hotpot (or “shabu shabu”) with my family for dinner tonight. It is perfect for the cold winter season. Now, generally speaking, hotpot in and of itself is good. But my mom took it upon her baaad self to throw in some extra dashings of LOBSTER and LAMB. Rarely have I left a table speechless because of the greatness of the food…tonight was one of those nights.


2. SETTLERS FEVER! I recently discovered and played (and not too long after, purchased) a board game called “Settlers of Catan” at my Pastor’s house. Granted, I haven’t played many board games and I’m not normally a board-game kinda guy (i.e., nerd), but this game could quite possibly be one of the most entertaining board games I have ever played. (It is supposedly the best selling international game, too.) I ordered the original (for 3-4 players) and the expansion pack (for 6 players) on Amazon for a total of about $50, and the company accidentally sent me an extra original. Unfortunately for you, I gifted it to my friend JB for his birthday. Fortunately for you, I will hold consistent game nights at my pad…starting with this Friday.


3. WHAT is the WHAT I received this book as a birthday gift from a friend in New York and I started it a few days after. I’m halfway through the book and it’s pretty spellbinding. Very reminiscent of “A Long Way Gone” by Ishmael Beah and is a story that tells of one boy/man’s journey through the tragedies and aftermath of civil strife in Sudan. But more than just educating one about war in Sudan, this book speaks out to the soul about life and struggle as much as it does to the mind. Dave Eggers as a writer is captivating; the only accurate description I can find for him is, he is a painter of words and a capturer of emotion.

4. These past few weeks I’ve been feeling rather pensive. I feel like “the world is too much with us” and a little bit of what Kevin Spacey (Lester) says in American Beauty, like I’m about ready to burst with all this emotion that’s flowing in and through me. It’s like my heads always up in the clouds somewhere. I think I might suffer from delusions of grandeur–I want to write the next great American novel, end world hunger, find me a gorgeous girl, and be on the cover of GQ–all at the same time.

But I’ve been reminded just to slow down, take a deep breath, and let it all out. I’m always eager to get on with the next stage. But let me not miss the forest for the trees. “The time will come,” I tell myself. So just sit back and relax.

And thus my random amusings…because life’s just a bunch of little moments rolled into one big catalog. Enjoy today, my friends.


3 responses to “Random Amusings

  1. dude hot pot and settlers. that’s a solid night. if only our future spouses could be so easily contented.. life will be good.

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