Random Amusings 2

Come see my stink face in person!

Come see my stink face in person!

Once you start a routine that requires a good chunk of your weekday, you learn to appreciate and live for the weekends. This weekend is a telling example. Random things I am thankful for, in no particular order:

1. Beautiful films – I just came back from catching Slumdog Millionaire in the theaters. It was an indie flick that really blew up from the acclaim it garnered through word of mouth. I went into the movie with high expectations from all the hype and…Wow. Seldom have I walked out of a theater speechless. This was one of those times. I don’t want to hype it up for you too much, but just do yourself a favor and go watch it. Worth every single penny of the 11 bucks that I spent!

2. Pop’s silly gym antics – Funny story told by my mother from the one day my dad accompanied her to our local LA Fitness. I took the liberty of translating her account into English: “So, we went into our respective locker rooms and I told him I’d meet him by the swimming pool after we’re done changing. So, there I was, waiting for him for like 10 minutes. He didn’t show up! I was wondering what was taking him so long, and I got fed up so I just decided to start swimming on my own. After a few minutes, he finally comes in, all flustered. He said, ‘I got changed, but I didn’t know where the swimming pool was. I thought the entrance was from the outside, so I went back out to the weight area. Half-naked. Everyone was staring at me. Then a wide-eyed staff member then came up to me and said, “Sir, you’re going to have to put your shirt back on to be in this area.” My mom told me that story over dimsum and my sister and I laughed so hard. Just imagine an unassuming old man with a big beer belly walking around the open, co-ed exercise forum. LOL! If I were a girl on the treadmill and I saw that, I would sue LA Fitness for mental trauma. Man, I’m still laughing as I think about it haha.

3. Hanging out with the DB Jokers – Man, every time I hang out with these clowns I have a blast. We eat up a storm, get trailed by CHP officers, crack jokes about our pathetic love lives, and fart around (literally). And uh…wait, I enjoy this?

4. Hanging out with CY – I am cool. Like really cool. Not on my own merits of course, but by association. When I meet people, I gain a friend. When I tell them I have a younger sister, I gain 5 more. That’s how cool she is. This is the same Cat Yan who is a honors double major in Psychology and Communications at UCLA, is a part-time fashion/magazine editor, shares half my friends (maybe I’m just a pawn?), and goes out to things like “Kanye’s CD Listening Party” and brushes shoulders with Will.I.Am and Jay-Z. Earlier today, we watched Slumdog and went Christmas shopping together. Now I remember what it’s like to wait on girls again. Haha. Well, we all know who wears the “cool” genes in the family. Big ups to you, CY!

5. “The First Christmas” – I’m thankful for Jesus Christ and our awesome church. I seriously can’t say enough about just the genuine presence of God felt in that humble and sincere body of believers. And this year, I get to be a part of an all-church Christmas pageant/stageplay that we are putting on! I get to play the tough macho role of Gabriel the angel (at least I’m not Mary). Come check it out this upcoming Sunday night! Ask me for details.

Alas, the weekend flew by in a jiff but I enjoyed every minute of it. This upcoming week (and weekend) will find me quite busy but hopefully well-rested, well-fed and at peace. Till my next post, friends!


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