Cyber Feeds for You

Here are some funny/soulful/moving/random clips I have found from my Internet digging lately, which really means I just found them through some of you guys and copied them here, of course. Hope you enjoy.

1. Bat Fight – Will Ferrell has always been a hit or miss for me. Yes, Elf. No, Ricky Bobby. His humor is the sort of random, really-think-outside-of-the-box type silliness. But love his work or not, you gotta admit he goes out on a limb, and once in awhile, you discover gems like this. Check out this “game of diplomacy!” (It takes a while to build up but the payoff is pretty vintage Will Ferridiculous lol.)

2. In the Wee Small Hours – John Mayer is hands down my favorite musical artist. Because of stuff like this. Period. He’s gotten so big now but he’s only evolved and improved. I first discovered him in my senior year of high school, and it is unbelievable how he has just gotten better with time. Some generations have their U2, or Bruce Springsteen…artists who age with them as they graduate school, find jobs, get married, have kids…my hope is that John can be that kind of artist for me.

3. SIGNS – A very clever, well-made short film (11 minutes or so). No spoken words (*EDIT: at least none from the main characters’ dialogue with each other, to be technical lol). But lots of language–signs, you know what I mean? Just watch. Inspires me to get inspired.

Thanks to CC for two of the three. Let me know what you guys think, and share some goodies with me if you happen upon some.


3 responses to “Cyber Feeds for You

  1. sup marty. cool links. i clicked on all.

    just a note, the last one, they do speak – through his boss cracking jokes or whatever. dude reminds me of you for some reason.

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