Random Amusings 4

Wow…it’s been such a while since I’ve done one of these, cause things have seriously been running off the wall with craziness! But I’m just trying to enjoy each day at a time–don’t let life go by so fast that you don’t at least get to just stop and think. Consider all the things that are coming before you and analyze your life and where you’re headed. Perhaps you’ll realize all the good things that you have and that maybe life ain’t too bad after all.

So, much has obviously happened in two weeks time. Normally, and naturally, I choose to share with you the big events and highlights. But recently, I’ve been finding the beauty in the little subtle moments. The big things should obviously be noted, but the little things we seem to dismiss throughout our days without much thought. Don’t discount the little things! Because when you actually stop and think about those subtle stirrings, you will discover that they are the soft murmurs of life that make life interesting.

Or just flat out weird. Take for instance…

1. Trying to Go Green (In Spite of Brown) – I am a big fan of our environment and green does happen to be my favorite color. I do my best to recycle, and it sounds dorky, but I always take the extra napkins I don’t use at restaurants and store them in the car (I mean, I save trees and I don’t have to buy any Kleenex, what’s wrong with that?). But I am finding it extremely difficult to apply Sheryl Crow’s “One Toilet Paper Square” law when I’m taking at least 4 or 5 dumps a day. Even if I used one square, you multiply that times five and I’m sure I killed as many trees as Mr. Average Joe who takes a massive dump every two days.

So my actual concern, and that which I address to you, my dear reader, is: “Is it healthy and/or even safe to be taking so many Number 2’s?” Factoring in my body weight and frame, I’m starting to think I have a tapeworm in my stomach or something…

2. TRIPLES! Tennis – I took tennis lessons once when I was a kid and I have been playing tennis on and off in the latter half of my life. I have been picking it up again recently with a few friends from home and it’s been fun on those sunny yet cool summer nights. Yet it is amazing how the game can still develop as you get older. And I’m not just talking about more skill shots or better body movements… I’m talking about triples tennis! Yes, TRIPLES: three people on each side of the net.

Okay, so here’s how it happened. We had a group of six and we were spread out well on the two available courts for us at this park in Chino Hills (one doubles court and one singles). But as our good friend CC was rallying with our other friend Arthur, he felt bad for a pair of teens who were waiting for a court on the side. Being the sympathetic man that he is, our good friend CC offered up the court and decided to join us on ours–when we already had four players! Might the court be just a little too crowded, you ask? Hmmmm…..

A few minutes into the game, our good friend CC swings and smacks a ball right into the face (!) of our first time player Kellie. Well done, CC! And this is what happens when you are playing Triples tennis (or act generously/kindly). For those of you reading, try it sometime! You are definitely missing out on some good face-smacking times.

3. F. Scott Fitzgerald – Like some of you, I watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in theaters, but had never come across the written short story until today. I decided to spend some time reading as I was heading back home on the train. (Free time not having to worry about traffic and crazy drivers affords you that luxury.) When I came across a clever line, I chuckled. I don’t remember a time I actually (and unintentionally) flat-out laughed out loud when I was reading. I quickly looked around me, of course, to see if anybody was giving me weird glances. After I regathered myself, I just smiled.

Why is he such an amazing writer? When I read his stuff, I am totally captivated by his every word. As the classy and clever Dos Equis commercial says: “I hang on his every word–even the prepositions.” The man is a pure genius when it comes to capturing emotions, displaying subtle wit, painting vivid pictures with language and simply telling stories. I have yet to read Tender Is The Night, but I can safely say that from what I’ve seen thus far, Mr. Fitzgerald is surely one of the best writers of our time.

– – – – –

I love to hear from you guys, so please keep any and all comments coming. Even feel free to ask me questions about whatever “amusings” that stir in your mind, and I’ll do my best to address them. Once again, thanks for reading and enjoy the day you’ve been given!


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