Open Mic Night

So, my friend JB invited me out to this Open Mic thing at this local joint earlier tonight. I haven’t been to very many in my life. In fact, I don’t quite remember going to one at all. I thought I’d explore a little bit and see what type of crazies would turn out.

The joint turned out to be a coffeehouse, and none other than the It’s A Grind right down the street from my place in La Mirada. I walked in and was met with about a couple dozen or so people packed into this small cozy place. The first act I witnessed was a man playing a Radiohead song on the ukulele (he was also the man who ran the event). Very interesting. Gave Thom Yorke a new spin and made me feel like a “creep” all over again–in a good way though.

I didn’t have anything prepared and wasn’t expecting to share anything. But towards the end of the night, there was a last call, and for some reason, I felt a prompting to share. Now, if you know me, I’m not normally the most spontaneous guy and it would have been much easier to just keep my seat and applaud for the night that was. But something compelled me to get up. To do something daring, not of the ordinary. And before my brain could signal to my legs to stay bent I was up on stage, asking for the mic.

The emcee introduced me and I took the mic. The couple dozens or so committed their eyes to me…now what was I going to say? Nothing. But luckily, I had brought with me a friend, Robert Frost.

The first thing I recited was “Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening.” There is something special in the way he evokes emotion so subtly and powerfully–I just had to share it. After I was done, the people applauded. It felt good, and perhaps I was getting ahead of myself, but I decided to stay and recite one of my very own poems.

It had been a while since I revisited this poem, so I fumbled through some lines and completely forgot the last stanza. The sad poem had no resolution (that might be okay though, cause the resolution was sad, anyway). But you know what? The victory was in the attempt; I was proud of myself for trying anyway.

You never know what you could do if you only tried. So, challenge yourself to do something bold today.


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