Grandma’s Chicken

So I just discovered a little gem of a joint last night in the city of Bellflower. My best friend Peter used to work at this place delivering food for them–he was known as “Da Chicken Man” in some neighborhoods–and he kept plugging the place. “Most amazing chicken ever mannnn.” But the last couple attempts resulted in failure. (Store closed early on Halloween…probably one too many sketchy pirates).

But on Saturday, the stars finally aligned. It was me, Petey. Kellie, and JB rollin’ out on a freakishly cold night. When we finally got to the place, on the corner of Alonda and Eucalyptus, I was confused. Inside were tons of spinning machines, and people with baskets folding underwear. (Okay, that was actually the laundromat next door. But it could seriously throw some people off!)

The actual place itself is really nothing more than a hole-in-the-wall. No tables, just six chairs lined against the walls. The counter display was filled with empty trays–except for one that had jars of raw oysters–trays that I’m sure would normally be filled with tons of seafood. The stock had already been consumed by the hunger of the day. On the walls behind the counters was the “menu”–just lines and lines of colorful choices, tempting the wide-eyed unassuming victim with bountiful items: choices like “Jumbo Pack” and “Chuck Wagon” that offer dozens of chicken pieces, potato wedges, rolls, and mac salad. Nope, they definitely don’t beat around the bush.

The people who run the place is a cute, elderly Korean couple. I think we got hooked up because I went with Koreans. (That, and Peter having worked for them before might have helped a bit.) After we ordered, it was the long, eager drive back home. I think I gained 5  pounds just smelling the food–the odor was beastly.

And…yeah I’ll shut up and just let the picture do the talking:

I had trouble moving shortly after the last piece was consumed. I don’t think I breathed for a minute. Oh, and the hot-sauce is crazy. Like just stupid crazy. Please do your stomach and taste buds a favor and check this place out! (But your heart and toilet might not thank you after.)

Prepare for glory–after meals like these, you just might see Jesus a little sooner than you think.


*Pictures courtesy of Yelp.


One response to “Grandma’s Chicken

  1. mmmm…. that looks ridonc! we’re lookin for a new chicken place since we heard through the grapevine that romano’s closed. sounds like we might have to check this place out!

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