Turning the Page

Only one thing is needed. And I’ve missed it.

I’ve been running around these past few months, doing one activity after another, mistaking busyness for importance and being satisfied.

All the while, I’ve been restless. Like a heart with all arteries and no veins, I’ve just been pumping and giving all of me away. Until I’ve been bled dry, and now I’m just a shell of what I should have been. My lifeline is gone. I have no more to give.

I’ve filled my days with all the things that could have fueled me no more than as cardboard for a stomach, and my soul couldn’t be emptier.

Only one thing is needed–Jesus, and I’ve moved far away from Him.

The amazing mess I’ve made of it.

But the amazing thing about it all is that which they call grace. It’s never too late. And it’s never too far.

It’s time to return to Jesus.


Take some time to consider your life–your purpose and what really matters. Sometimes, our real life is buried by all the trivial things, and you might realize it once you begin to feel the suffocation. But it’s just a matter of digging hard to find it, to rediscover it. It might take some effort, or a lot.

But the treasure you’ll find will be glorious, and you’ll realize this is what you should have been searching for all along.


Not that many of you read this consistently to begin with, but I’ll be taking a break from this to focus on what matters most in life. Thanks for all your love and support.


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