Meet Kelly Dlux

Call me for beats...or just call me.

I just met a new friend and brotha (by race and by spirit) this week. His name is Kelly, and he’s a DJ. That’s his sexy-time picture on the right. I met him on Monday and I’ve seen him everyday for hours since. He would crash at our pad with his macbook and download music and videos to prepare for parties. It’s been nonstop laughs with this guy. Some highlights:

– Walking around Target, as I’m looking for shampoo in the “health/beauty” section, he randomly screams out: “Martin, I found your hemorrhoid cream over here!”

– We made a blog that was supposed to reflect his musings on God. It was initially called “Kelly’s Exchange,” which was fine, until you noticed the URL without the apostrophe s: “” Oops. He decided to opt for the safer, more PG-sounding “” We’ll probably get less hits, though.

– He bought a binder at Walmart for the upcoming semester at Talbot, and he wanted to get a Justin Bieber picture to put on the front because–to quote his exact words–“she’s so hot right now and I love her dance moves!!”

And there’s probably more that are better left off the record. But this man is a riot. In fact, he’s probably causing one right now at some girl’s 13th birthday party up in Simi Valley.

The point of this post? Make friends with DJs to have good times.

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