Random Amusings 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these but there are a few things that have amused me recently.

1. My sister came back for the weekend (more for business, but we were a bonus) and we got together for a nice family dinner out in LA. It’s her favorite spot, Bottega Louie. It was some fine and surprisingly light/refreshing Italian food. We also got this creme brule cake-thing to celebrate my sister’s 23rd (whoops!) birthday and my dad’s early retirement. Beware, it is a little pricey–that thing was $25! But if you are willing to fork over some dough, you should keep this place in mind for future dates and other momentous occasions.

2. Went to help my friend Kelly build an IKEA dresser earlier tonight. I haven’t seen him much since his semester started, but it was good just to reconnect with him and see how he’s been doing recently. I like IKEA because I can build objects and feel like a man without the hassle of easy-to-misunderstand instructions.

3. Met a cute waitress at Coconut Bay. She’s the innocent-looking type, not a lot of make up on. Just as equally important, she’s sweet and nice. It’s not really a big deal, but it was like finding a nugget in a place I wasn’t expecting. I hope she gets good customers and better tips.

Find some things that you can be thankful for this week!


2 responses to “Random Amusings 5

  1. I normally wouldn’t be a stickler for such a thing, but I’m turning 23! At this age, every year counts 😉 Down the line, subtract as many years as you want..

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