Lazy Sundays

I’ve stayed up late the past few nights hanging out with friends and preparing messages, and having to wake up early the next morning for meetings. It’s been exhausting. So I appreciate Sundays like this when I just come back home and have no agenda. Football season just started so I guess it’s nice to kinda veg a little bit, not have to think. Cowboys and Redskins were on. My roommate’s from Texas and he’s a Cowboys fan; we had to watch.

But midway into the game, I got up from the couch. I decided to take a light jog as the sun was setting. I couldn’t stand the thought of sitting the entire day. And I figured it’d be a good time to reflect on the past week and also on the days to come. (So perhaps I can only be a semi-veg, like a tomato.) My jog eventually devolved into a walk cause after a mile or so I got tired…I’m out of running shape.

On one particular small street, I ran onto a scene that made me smile. I saw a family playing baseball outside of their garage, in their little cul-de-sac, and all the kids and parents were into it. A little boy was up to bat. Big brother was on second base. Dad was watching it all from behind. When many dads in America were sitting inside enjoying the Cowboys vs. Redskins, this average joe decides to invest his time in the joy of his children, to sacrifice relaxing before a good game on TV for the better game in life.

This scene gave me hope. Thank God that even on Sundays when I am lazy there are others who are being spent and sacrificing in the name of love.


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