Just Do Something

I’ve been reading a book called Just Do Something. I received it as a very belated birthday gift (intended for last October) from my friend Yilin. But I think it came in at just the right time.

It’s a book subtitled A Liberating Approach to Finding God’s Will. I think that’s something I, along with many from our generation, struggle with. Most of us are talented, ambitious, and socially connected. Right out of school we are flooded by numerous networks and greeted with various opportunities. We have the whole world on our fingertips.

But we’re lost. We often think to ourselves, Where should I go? Who should I date? Should I move or stay at home? What kind of job should I take? And the lists of questions go on. Many of us believe that God has intended one specific path or direction for us, so we are convinced that unless we know what it is we are not moving. But the problem is, God doesn’t write this stuff out in the sky. So, we arrive at an impasse. We’re passive and indecisive, waiting around and wanting to be 100% certain before we risk doing anything. We have, in many ways, overspiritualized the whole process of living and making decisions.

This book debunks that. It addresses the myths surrounding the idea of “God’s Will.” It talks about the misconceptions along with the practical and Biblical principles involved in making good and wise decisions. I’m half-way through, and so far it’s been very eye-opening and challenging.

It’s a book I recommend to all who struggle with discernment and decision-making. It’s a short read–Yilin finished in 2 days–so check it out. It’s written by Kevin DeYoung, the senior pastor of University Reformed Church out in Michigan. You can find it on Amazon.


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