Give to Receive

Random thought:

Life is really just the same lessons recycled. Certainly, there are many instances in which I learn something new–I mean there is a lot to know and I know very little–but more often I feel like the very big lessons that stick are ones that I’m rehashing from previous experiences or my younger days.

One such lesson is the idea of giving to others. It’s a challenge to put other people first and above yourself, especially when your natural inclination is to think about your needs and wants. But I realize I’m the most satisfied and content when I am focusing on the people around me and seeing how I can make their day better with whatever I have to offer through my talents, personality, money, or time. As I’ve said, it’s not really a new concept, but it’s something I need to remind myself of constantly.

My friend JB once said, “You don’t become better to get better, you become better to give better.” It sounds so simple, but there is a bucket of profound truth in that statement. I want to excel in life so I can help others do the same.


One response to “Give to Receive

  1. Soooooo true. It’s such a hard concept to accept since we are so self centered and selfish by nature. but once you try it, you can feel it! what’s next on your project list?

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