Osama is Dead

I heard the news from my parents at about 8:15 earlier this evening. I didn’t know exactly how to react. Joy? Gladness? Consolation? The whole world was just celebrating the royal wedding a couple days earlier. And now the world’s most wanted terrorist is dead. It was almost as surreal and shocking as 9/11.

I turned on CNN to witness people gathering around the White House to celebrate the news. Chants and shouts of “USA! USA!” and our national anthem being belted loudly in unison. It should be a time for celebration–at least the patriot, the avenger, the judge in me would like to believe.

Yet a part of me feels a little eerie celebrating death. It seems contradictory, so against our ingrained beliefs and philosophies. Not that he didn’t deserve it, for he certainly did and some, but how horrible of a human being must one be to elicit cheers upon the announcement of his death? How twisted, cruel, and corrupt must a man be? I guess those questions were answered tonight. Osama bin Laden–what a tragic waste of a human being.

Alas, terrorism still lives on. Blood will still be shed. And all the conflicts and turmoil in the world will continue to seek resolution to no avail until the final judgment.

But, if just for a day, the freedom fighters of the world can sleep proudly and peacefully, knowing their efforts were not in vain.

Thanks to the armed forces who sacrifice their lives to protect our country so that we might live out the promises of the constitution–if anything, they are what I’ll be celebrating the most. Cheers to you.


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