In the Zone

Have you ever lost yourself in a moment? A place or time or person in which that was your sole and driving focus? You didn’t think about how you smelled or looked or sounded, and you were just absorbed into that song or scene or play?

I have. It is a great feeling. Some people call it being in the zone.

I was talking to my good friend Josh about this (residuals from our previous conversation). He shared with me a quote from Vin Diesel (of all people), something which his character said in The Fast and the Furious. “I live my life a quarter mile at a time. Nothing else matters […] For those 10 seconds or less—I’m free.” He feels unrestrained and lost in the moment when he’s on the road. That’s kind of how I feel sometimes when I’m playing basketball. Or writing some inspired poetry or prose. Or when I’m engrossed in a great film.

Then it made sense to me how that applies to the idea of worship.

When you are truly worshiping, in that divine moment, you lose any hint of self and shed yourself from any worldly distraction–you become free. You wrap your mind and heart around something greater. In the ocean-like depths and grandeur of a gigantic God, your entire being just becomes so consumed with the Spirit that nothing else matters. Not your job. Not your health. Not your bills. It’s only God then. It’s only God…and it’s sublime.

It’s funny (in a twisted sort of way) how the gifts we were given by God to enjoy and worship Him end up being measuring sticks for ourselves. Our talents and passions by which we can give of ourselves to God somehow get bent to reflect our worth and value onto others. They become twisted by our pride and greed for glory. And it is never enough.

But when you stand before a huge canyon or stand atop lofty mountain splendor, you don’t think about yourself. You literally feel really small, and you are lost in the vast surrounding of God’s creation. It is at this point that you have decreased, so that the telescope of your heart is able to magnify the grandness of God.

Ironically, it’s moments like these when I feel the “biggest”–the most joyful and satisfied.

So whether you eat or drink or climb a mountain–whatever it is–lose yourself in it. Once you have lost yourself, you gain freedom. Once you have freedom, you are drawing closer to the heart of worship.

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