27: Thanks

Most of us live out our days in between states of perpetual want and grief. When already given much, we still look for more. Or when stricken with hardship, we often question why difficulty should befall us. It seems natural, as Shakespeare put it, to “beweep our outcast state.”

Yet rare it is for a man to pour out his blessings to measure, and rarer still for him to do so in the face of suffering.

This year has not been easy. Through the thicket of personal and mental travails, some seeming to persist with no end, I had lost all hope and direction. Days when I didn’t know how much more I had to give. Feeling abandoned. Shipwrecked. Times when I felt and acted like a spiritual orphan. It was in these moments that I was challenged to give thanks still, and look up to remember the Father who has numbered and marked all my days in love.

It’s just nights like these when God seems to make my task easy.

This year I didn’t want a big deal. I just wanted to lay low for once. But love wouldn’t let me play the part. The many friends and family whom I’ve been blessed with did not let this day go in a whimper. From the co-worker who baked cupcakes (thanks Awu, resident birthday baker!) to the other co-workers who came bearing gifts (Bho and Davey–gentlemen, you are), and from the friends who planned an impromptu after-dinner celebration (and the friends who were willing to actually make it out) to my ever-supportive Mom and Dad with their fabulous dinner treat–it was a resounding declaration that God is lavish. He’s making it rain. Like mad. And if wealth is measured in love, I am truly one of the richest to ever walk this earth.

In spite of the few trials I have faced this year and in years past, I can truly say that my life is wonderful. To all the giants and heroes in my life–I am genuinely thankful for each and every one of you.

Some days I wonder who I am or what I have done to merit such divine favor. But more and more I’m learning that it’s pure and unabashed grace. And grace, much like gifts on birthdays, is something that you get simply for being you.

Thank you all deeply from the bottom of my heart,



5 responses to “27: Thanks

  1. Mmm, having similar thoughts and feelings as my birthday approachs in the next couple of weeks.

    Thank you for the reminder of such infinite blessing, not “infinite” loss. This was a blessing to read.


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