A Day In The Life…

It’s February 29 today. I don’t really have anything significant to say, but since I only get to do this once every four years, I figure I should just write something. So…why don’t I do this old school style and write about my day, kinda like what we used to write about in our blogs or diaries when we were younger?

– I woke today and made myself some bread with strawberry spread. I listened to a message by Greg Laurie while driving on the way to work. It was about wealth and not falling in love with riches for it is temporal. Good reminder.

– I got a lot of work done in the office today. It’s great to be and feel productive. I shared the BBQ short ribs that I made last night for dinner with my co-workers. They loved it.

– I stopped by Joghurt on the way back to the house to say hi to a guy named Jonny whom I just met two weeks ago. It was his birthday today. Met some cool people and talked to a nice guy who’s getting his masters in philosophy. I love the Biola community.

– Came home and went for a second attempt at a turkey spinach melt. It was just right this time–went a little lighter on the salt with some different seasoning as well. Good meal.

– Watched some ESPN highlights. Knicks won (Lin had 19 pts, 13 rebs, only 1 TO), Lakers won (a team effort led by a masked Kobe), and US beat Italy 1-0 in an int’l friendly. Overall great day of sports for me. (Well, except for that whole UCLA story breaking out…)

– Prepped a sermon that I’ll be delivering to my Lifesong church family this coming Sunday. Very excited and a bit antsy at the same time. Let’s just hope God speaks and moves through me.

– Took a shower. I smell fresh n’ clean now.

…And that’s pretty much my day. It’s funny, I haven’t written an entry like that in years, if not longer. But it felt good, perhaps even a bit therapeutic. This sort of entry reminds me of all the small little wonders that happen every day in our lives. It’s just learning to see the magical and memorable moments in the ordinary that can be the challenge. But when you start to see this way, you slowly realize that every breath given to us by God is nothing short of an outright miracle. Thank you Jesus for these miracles.

Happy Leap Day, everybody!


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