Giving Up 29 For charity: water


Hey blogging world,

I just celebrated my 29th birthday this past week. This year I decided to give up my birthday to raise awareness and funds for a greater cause–charity: water. I learned that over 1 billion people don’t have access to clean water, and thousands die daily because of diseases caused by unsafe water and unhygienic living conditions. =(


Normally I don’t ask for presents, but I’m requesting that you consider donating $29 on my behalf to my team’s cause, Village To Village. All 100% of the donations that you provide will go directly to funding a well in a specific area. You’ll be saving lives, literally!

Would you please consider joining me in this mission to change the lives of children and families for the next generation?

P.S. I highly recommend watching founder Scott Harrison’s keynote speech to learn more about the cause!

Just Get Involved

I mentioned in my previous post that I’d be publicizing some other non-profits and charities in addition to Not For Sale, so here they are (in no particular order).

1. World Vision – It’s probably one of the most–if not the most–popular charities around. And with good reason. They are known mainly for providing a service that allows you to sponsor children who are less fortunate, but they are also involved in any humanitarian crisis and natural disaster relief efforts that may arise. Their strong infrastructure, public recognition, and faithful track record make this a viable choice to get your feet wet.

2. Kiva Organization – Their motto is “loans that change lives.” My sister first brought this organization to my attention. After reading about their vision, I signed off on it immediately. It aims to alleviate the issue of poverty not just by giving, but lending to potential small-money entrepreneurs in third-world countries to help them run businesses that can provide for them in the future (i.e. microfinance). Any money you lend, the entrepreneurs will return, no matter how long it takes. I just can’t say enough good things about Kiva, but you should check it out for yourself.

3. Raven + Lily – I haven’t personally done much with them at this point, but from what I can gather it seems similar to Kiva in terms of enabling micro-enterprise opportunities. They are tackling the issues of human trafficking and marginalization of women by providing disadvantaged women with safe working conditions and fair employment. Check out their products–they’re lovely!

4. charity: water – Man, there are so many things I’ve been blessed with that I take for granted. I’m not even talking about owning a nice car or having fancy designer names etched in my shirt labels. I’m talking about clean, drinking water–the basics! We all know that unsafe water can cause fatal diseases and infections. But did you know that over a billion people on this planet are without it? That’s one in eight people. Enough said.

5. Operation Christmas Child – A ministry of Samaritan’s Purse, OCC is a creative and fun way to get involved in helping others in need. It seems more like a seasonal thing–though I can’t be sure–but you are basically acting as a child’s “Santa Claus.” Once you decide to sponsor a boy or girl, stuff a shoebox full of their requested toys/items, then ship it off to their homes. (This is great for girls with shopping disorders.) What a neat way to bless someone else this holiday season!


I wasn’t aware of it before, but there are so many honorable things being done on behalf of those out there who need it. It gives me hope. I know I certainly don’t give to or care about other people as much as I ought. But it has to start somewhere. And it always starts with ordinary people like you and me, just striving to be the hands and feet that sound the percussion of love.

Whatever the case, I’m encouraging you to just get involved. It’ll make an impact in your life and others.

(Now, cue the Saadiq and Q-tip track.)