Special K

"You can photoshop, airbrush...just make my picture look good."

Tonight I had the privilege of taking my friend Kaori–or K, as she likes to be called–out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory in GardenWalk. I had a gift card andĀ figured she would appreciate a good meal. At the very least I knew she’d be getting some fresh air. After all she hasn’t gone out to much of anywhere recently.

See, here’s the story. Kaori is a smart and dedicated medical student, but sometimes she gets a little sleepy. One night when she was returning home from a friend’s house, after a long week and awful hours at the hospital, she got sleepy at the wrong time. She fell asleep at the wheel, crashing into the median strip on the freeway. Her car was smashed like an accordion. It was a whole scene with police and firefighters and paramedics. They had to use the Jaws of Life to remove her body from the car; it was miraculous that her body still contained life. But her lower extremities were not spared. She was severely injured–both her legs below her knees were broken and smashed–and she would require several surgeries over the next few months.

Now, here she is, sitting in the middle of a hotel room. Bored out of her mind. I mean, imagine not being able to walk for sixty some odd days. I’d probably try to pass out everyday on the medication. Being a surgery “recoveree” myself, I felt her pain. So I figured she might want to go out and enjoy a nice meal. (Yes, it was just my desperate attempt to take a pretty girl out on a date.)

K doing the stanky leg, kinda...

At about seven I went to pick her up at her hotel in Garden Grove (she’s staying at hotels because they are closer to her operation centers). I was happy she’s on crutches now; not so much because it meant her recovery, but so that my twiggly arms didn’t have to wheel her around. (Just kidding…I know, I’m so selfless.)

We arrived at GardenWalk, close to Disneyland, where it was hip and happenin’ on a Tuesday night. I’ve only gone to Cheesecake Factory on a few occasions, and normally I’m not a big fan of their entrees. But Kaori ordered the Pasta something-something and I ordered the Bistro Shrimp Pasta–and they both turned out delicious.

We spent three hours enjoying the food and conversation. Kaori is a girl of many talents–she’s smart, has a memory of an elephant, speaks Japanese fluently, and can SING like an Asian Alicia Keys. (I personally think I’m a better Karaoke performer, though.) I like her because she keeps it real and laughs at my all jokes. We had a great time.

So, this night and entry is dedicated to Kaori, or whom I like to call, Special K. Cheers!


K, I wish you a quick recovery and hope this experience will only make you stronger…keep your head up. God bless!