Through situations both expected and unforeseen, I have come to the realization that I am not good at maintaining relationships. I have been blessed with the gift to make friends with relative ease, but I haven’t fostered many of my friendships over the years.

I remember in my middle school and high school yearbooks how everybody would write “K.I.T” and “H.A.G.S” and “Hot dang, I’ll miss your sexy Chinaman ways.” Okay, not really the last, but Keep In Touch always seemed to find a way onto my pages. Unfortunately, most of us grew apart after graduation, and we went our separate ways.

Granted, some people and friends come in and out of your life, at different seasons and times, and you never know when they might turn up again. They might be your new co-worker or your inmate on cell block four. The way life is, you just never know. But what I do know is that I miss a lot of you. I miss the people who’ve made an impact in my life. I miss the moments that truly mattered. And I want to change that. I really do. So, I’m doing something about it.

I’m just letting you know, if you are a good friend, and we haven’t talked in awhile, I might randomly reach out to you. No more “catching up” through Facebook. It’s time for real face time. I might just invite you to go out for a bite. Or I’ll just call to say I love you Stevie Wonder style. Just don’t be creeped out.

And please, if you want to keep in touch, this is an invitation for you to do the same. Let’s K.I.T.