Salute Your Soldiers


Here I am, sitting here before this computer on this Memorial Day, enjoying the overcast cool that this day off affords me. And what am I thinking about? The Laker game later, the ton of good food I’ll eat, playing pick-up at the park–everything but what I’m supposed to be thinking about on this day: our soldiers.

It is easy to take for granted, in this comfortable American reverie lifestyle, that in another world, thousands of miles away, there are people who are daily putting their lives at stake for our country, for our freedoms, for people like me who sit here on days like these without giving more than a minute’s thought that we are a country that is still at war–with terrorism, with oppression, with ourselves.

I repent of my lack of support for the many men and women who are fighting and serving their country faithfully. But it is never too late to begin.

Here’s to our true American men and women. I salute and honor you, for the yesterdays to bring us today to take us to better and more enlightened tomorrows.